Thursday, October 14, 2010

Finding the perfect pair of pants

Perfect Trouser pants from Gap, $59.50.
It is hard to find the perfect pair of pants... it really is.  Have you ever experienced buying pants that fits on the hips but not on the waist or vice versa?  It is so frustrating.  

Here are some tips that will help you find the perfect pair of pants. 

1. Low rise pants are best to create waist and even out wide hips.
2. In buying jeans, choose the ones with big pockets to make your butt look smaller.
3. Allow at least one inch space from the ground to show the heels of your shoes.
4. If you are pear shaped, it is best not to wear skinny pants because it will just make you look wider.  If you will wear one, however, wear it with long shirts to at least cover the hips.  Wearing heels will also balance it out.
5. Side entry pockets will only emphasize the waist so leave it to women without pronounced hips.
6. The crotch is important too in buying pants.  If it is too low, you will look short in the leg and if it is too high, you will have a camel toe.
7. Flat fronts look slimming, pleats add pounds on the lower abdomen.

With these simple tips in mind, your pants shopping spree will be as easy as ABC.

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