Tuesday, October 5, 2010

High and Low: Balmain cut-out ankle boot and Forever21 sequin detailed dress

Let's say you got lucky enough to have a $1,500 shopping budget.  Of course, like any woman wants, you will have to buy one designer item in your bag and you decided to splurge on shoes, like the one below.

 Balmain cut-out ankle boot (it very much looks like a sandal to me), $1,150 at Barney's.

You still have $350 in your wallet to spend.  What's next now?  Buy a dress to go with the shoe like this dress below.
 Forever21 sequined dress, $15.80 (would you believe?).

 Because you are a wise shopper, you still have $334.20 to spend, as a bonus, you can buy accessories to go with the dress and shoes.


 Amrita Singh 'Nello' necklace, $100 at Couture Candy.

You still have $234.20, go grab a frapuccino, shopping is a really tedious task to do.

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