Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I was caught dead wearing an animal inspired hat

I know I will never be caught dead wearing Topshop's wolf faux fur trapper hat. Well, ok, I wasn't caught wearing it... but I was caught wearing a similar hat during Christmas day.

Click on the jump to see evidences.
We went to Tagaytay the afternoon of Christmas day.  It was freaking cold and although my son wasn't complaining about it, I know it is not good for kids to be playing outside with that temperature without wearing any proper gear.  I saw lots of kids wearing an animal hat and I thought they were cute and before I could remember my post about animal inspired hats, I was already making a purchase.  It was for my son.  I have to make it clear.  But nevertheless, I was photographed wearing it.

And it's a tiger hat.

That's my son wearing the hat.  Isn't he adorable?  And he is sipping a Starbucks strawberry milkshake.

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