Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Who Won the Grand Lotto Jackpot? Keep It A Secret.

I was watching the news last night when I saw a news marquee that says the winner of Grand Lotto got a little help from a machine to pick up numbers. A machine aided number pick up costs 6 thousand pesos. This confirms that aside from the winner being a person from Luzon, the winner also comes from either bracket A or B. I really wished the winner was like Pepito Manaloto. But anyway, the numbers were drawn already.

This lotto roller coaster ride made people frantic, excited and lose their marbles. I just read today that Tim Yap proudly announced the name of the winner in his twitter account when in fact the poor guy didn't even place his bet. The poor guy is Miko Morelos, a reporter of Philippine Daily Inquirer. He even mentioned that Morelos has a twitter account--which made Morelos block his account because of flooded tweets.

Photo from here.
For some of you who doesn't know, Tim Yap is a newspaper columnist, tv host of a showbiz oriented show, a self proclaimed fashionista and eventologist (what the hell was that?).

The reason why PCSO does not disclose the name of any lotto winner is because, obviously, he or she will be the target of extortion, robbery, kidnap and all other possible crimes against a person that you know. So, when Mr. Yap twitted it, he put Mr. Morelos' life and his entire family in jeopardy.

Funny how people device means to communicate and yet some people do not really get better at it.

Lessons learned. Think first before you tweet, confirm news even if it is from a reliable source, and keep secret things secret.

I hope that Morelos and his family survive this unharmed.


This post is not supposed to be here.  I made a flub.  Haha!  But, it is the latest news and a "fashionista" is involved so... I am just making an excuse.

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