Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dare to Wear: VPL dual skirt with attached sweater

VPL dual skirt, $425 at Shop Bop.
If there is one trend in the 80s that I was able to abuse, it is wrapping a sweater around the hips to cover my bum. But that was many years ago because I don't wear sweater anymore and I thought wrapping it around my waist makes me look silly because a sweater is supposed to keep the body warm... the body meaning from the waist up and not the other way around. If you still do this tying the sweater around the hips thing, VPL has a solution... the dual skirt (which I believe is inappropriately named) that has an attached fake sweater on the skirt. If only the skirt could be removed, I say you have a great deal out of your $425... but it is not, so I am not buying.

Dare to wear?

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