Sunday, July 3, 2011

Causes of pimples according to their locations

Uhuh! You can now geo-tag your pimples according to Annet King, Dermatologica Director of Global Education. The International Dermal Institute created a skin analysis system that divides the face into 14 zones.

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Zone 1 and 3 (Forehead)
If breakouts appear in these areas, improve your digestion by drinking more water and eating whole grain foods. 

Zone 2 (Middle Forehead)
This zone is associated to the liver. Avoid eating late at night and reduce intake of wine and cheese.

Zones 4 and 10 (Ears)
Cut down on caffeine if you have breakouts in these areas. The ears connect to the kidneys.

Zone 5 and 9 (Cheeks)
Breakouts on the cheeks mean you have respiratory issues. Quit smoking or stay away from smoking areas.

Zone 6 and 8 (Eyes)
Drink more water to improve digestion and to keep your peepers brighter. Just like the ears, the eyes connect to the kidneys.

Zone 7 (Nose)
If you have breakouts in this area, better check your blood pressure.

Zone 12 (Chin)
Breakouts in this area signify hormonal changes especially when you are about to have your period.

Zone 11 and 13 (Corners of the Mouth)
These zones connect to the ovaries. Breakouts in these zones usually happen during your menstrual period.

Zone 14 (Neck and Temples)
Breakouts in these areas can be related to stress.

In case you have pimples in any of the zones mentioned, you know now what to do. Do not panic.

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