Monday, February 13, 2012

Grammy Awards 2012 wacky red carpet arrival photos

Nothing beats Lady Gaga's eggciting red carpet arrival last year. But since Nicki Minaj brought with her a "pope" this year, she deserves to be the main photo for this post, don't you think?

The wackiness doesn't end with Nicki Minaj. Click on the jump to see more awesome/absurd red carpet arrival photos of this year's Grammys.

The Mother Monster skipped the red carpet and headed directly in the theater maybe because she didn't want to steal the show for Nicki Minaj. But still, Lady Gaga's futuristic Goth attire is one helluva scene stealer.

I've got four words for this photo. Robyn. Bangs. Flatforms. Mullet dress. Nuff said.

Sasha Gradiva must be lost. She should have been in the national defense instead of at the Grammys. I'd rather sit beside the 'pope', thank-you-very-much.

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