Monday, November 5, 2012

Wear jeans to lose weight?

I know a lot of women are struggling to lose weight and even if we exercise to death those ugly cellulite won't seem to go away! It all leaves us to the cliche "love thyself, the you, the entire YOU (cellulite included)". But, can you really proudly say "I love my cellulite!"?

Well, it seems that Mohicano Jeans has the answer to those cellulite problems, ladies and gentlemen, the jeans that will make you lose weight and eventually get rid of the cellulite. The Chilean company claims that their jeans has aloe vera, amino acids and enzymes infused to the fabric to help reduce the appearance of cellulite and *GASP!* stretch marks! The jean is supposed to promote cell growth and collagen and elastin production. Their "miracle" jeans sell for $80 a pair. Here's the catch, you have to wear the jeans for fifteen days in a row for you to achieve 11.5% improvement on your skin!

Dare to wear?

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