Monday, December 10, 2012

My Christmas beauty loot

My beauty loot this Christmas.

I am a late bloomer when it comes to using makeup. I actually first used a lipstick when I was in second year college. And I don't even put it on regularly because it felt awkward since my classmates were not wearing makeup back then.

I learned to put on makeup when I began working in 2002. I just put on pressed powder, a little eye shadow, blush and sheer lipstick. That's how primitive I was when putting on makeup. I can say my love for makeup began when I started working as a telemarketer for an international company in 2006. It just became a routine to go to the office already made up. I guess it was because I work as a marketer and that we were expected to look our best each time, with or without a client.

I am not a makeup hoarder but I buy lipstick at least twice a month since I use it every day in the office and when I go out--one sheer for day use and one satin finish for nights out. I also don't buy expensive products since I don't have that big a budget for pricey brands. This Christmas, I bought some makeup essentials that I know I will use to glamorously face the new year.

Check it out...

Shawii brush set, about $5 at Watsons. My old brushes served me well and I believe it is already time for them to have a rest. By the way, brushes should be cleaned every month to prevent bacteria from building up.

Avon Holiday Collection makeup palette, around $7. I am so glad I bought this because it contains all my favorite eye shadow colors and has two blushes.

Top: Avon Extra Lasting lipstick with SPF 15 in Always Rose and Avon Ultra Moisture lipstick in Sheer Nectar, the set of two sells for around $5.

Sophie Magic Pink cream blush, around $2. I really really like this blush because it is easy to apply and you get that natural blush look. I just put this on and some lip gloss and I am ready to go.

Maybelline NY Lipsmooth Color Bloom in Pink Blossom, around $3. This lip gloss changes color when you apply it and it stays on for 8 hours!

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