Friday, May 24, 2013

Do you wax?

Do you wax? I have to ask because it looks like everyone is doing it. Or am I just exaggerating and assuming?

I will let you in on a secret...

I haven't done it. I shave (shame on me) the sides down there and the stubble are so annoying. Does it hurt? Were you scared and shy the first time you did it? How long was your lady part exposed to a stranger? Do you do it for hygiene? I have so many questions about it!

My beau likes it hairless down there so I have to regularly do the excruciating shaving that usually takes half of my bathing time. We've come across a waxing salon one time and he said to me to try it. I thought it was just waxing the bikini line or the entire pubic area but I was surprised that it is actually somewhat an art because of the different shapes (cuts... whatever you call it) to choose from. Does your beau or husband like you "bare" down there or he doesn't mind at all being "bushy" (I laughed while typing the word)?

Photos from here and here.

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