Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Are you a watch person?

Pure White Watch, $159.00
I saw these watches from Deevotion and I fell in love in an instant. I am a watch person. I never go out of the house without wearing a watch. I don't have a particular brand that I like but I am keen on the design. I like unique designs just like these watches. Just click on the image to shop.

Pure Black Watch, $159.00

"Pure Black is a stylish and sophisticated Women's Watch that also signals a dissolute expressiveness and personality. Choose between silver and rose-gold. Black stones are bound together in two rows with a fine wire along two high-quality leather straps.

This Women´s Watch is a Single Loop, which means that the Watchstrap is wrapped an extra lap around the wrist. It is also available with Double Loop , which is wrapped two extra laps and has one row of pearls ."

Earth Sunset Watch, $159.00
"Just as beautiful sunsets, these women's watches spread charisma and warmth. Two rows of beautiful iridescent pearls wrapped once around the wrist and provides a comfortable and beautiful accessory. The product contains no heavy metals or other toxins. The neat and stylish clock is available in Silver or Rose Gold, and can be used with all Deewatch Watchstraps. All of Deewatch Women's Watches have interchangeable watchbands that can easily and quickly switch on their own."

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