Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Celebrity Style: Meghan Markle in belted black coat

Meghan Markel sure has impeccable taste when it comes to coats. We've seen her wearing a white coat during her engagement announcement and a camel coat when she joined the British Royal Family in church for the first time. Those were only two of the many occasions that she had shown us how to wear coats in the most chic way possible. While camel and white are key colors anyone must have in her closet, black is the definitely the essential. Here we can see Meghan wearing a black  belted Stella McCartney coat. The way she tied the belt into a bow is what made the coat stand out. 

You can buy this Stella McCartney "Nina" wool blend coat at 24 Sevres for $1,856, or you can buy an alternative.


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