Saturday, March 24, 2018

Celebrities who got real about their pimples

Kendall Jenner was viciously shamed on social media for arriving on the red carpet with her visible acne. Seriously, enough of shaming celebrities for having acne and pimples because they are humans, too. It is not like although they have a lot of money to spend on skin care does not mean they will not have breakouts from time to time.

The latest celebrity who got real about pimples is Justin Bieber. He even captioned his photo "Pimples are in" and social media got wild. Celebrities get stressed, their hormones get wild and they are also exposed to dirt, so get real. They got real and we should, too.

It is essential to eat foods that are good for the skin and to keep your face clean to prevent breakouts. Be sure to check for the components of the products you will use on your face and to consult a doctor for any allergic reaction to products.

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