Sunday, March 18, 2018

Let us talk about diamond dermal piercings

Photo from Yahoo!

We came across this image of a hand with pierced diamond studs on the ring finger yesterday on Twitter and honestly, we had mixed feelings and a lot of questions. One, how did they put it there? It looks painful as you can see the surrounding skin of the studs is still reddish. Second, are those real diamonds? Third, what happens if your finger accidentally got stuck in the fabric or seam of your pocket, bag or hair or twig?

According to professional body piercer Billy DeBerry of Fallen Sparrow Tattoo in Florida, you put it in the finger through micro dermal anchors and titanium implants are used. You can use real diamonds or crystals and people sometimes do it for sentimental reasons.

This type of piercing has been around for 10 years already but it is just recently that the procedure has been given attention because of social media exposure.

 Her is another type of piercing which is more elaborate but we bet equally painful.

Photo from AskIdeas.

This type of piercing is being done to various body parts like the nape, neck, temples and wherever you want them to be placed. Extra care must be done and precautions be taken into consideration because like any other procedure, it doesn't guarantee 100% success. Getting the stud lodged in the fistula, bacterial infection, and rejection are a few of the unfortunate things that could happen. If you are already decided to get one, be sure to have an expert do it.

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