Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Paris in Manila

Photo from Noypistuff.
The hotel heiress and socialite, Paris Hilton, arrived in Manila last August 14 for a 5-day business tour with a real estate company and to formally open her boutique in the Philippines. I don't know where I have been for two days that I didn't know about the news until I read the newspaper today. Anyway, Paris got a dose of Filipino hospitality but with a minor glitch. It was reported that her two ipads were missing. Despite that, she tweeted happily:

"Mabuhay Philippines! I just arrived, thousands of fans waiting at the airport when I walked in. I feel so welcomed here! Mahal ko kayo! :)"

Love her or hate her but she is she. I actually like her. That's our little secret. Shhh!

Just in:

Airport media relations officer, Mr. Edwin Llubrera made a clarification that Ms. Hilton's ipads were not stolen in Manila because she'd been looking for it even before the plane landed at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA). She probably lost them in Dubai or somewhere else, but not in Manila.

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