Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Post Review: Olay Total Effects 7

Do you still remember my review of Olay Total Effects 7?

I continued using it because it made a huge difference on how my skin feels AND looks. I have tried so many skin creams and none of them compared to the effects of Olay's formula.  My skin feels supple and smoother. It is as if the cream revitalized my face's collagen fibers. I can say that Olay Total Effects is a woman's best friend to fight the ugly signs of skin ageing. Now that I am nearing my 30s, I don't worry so much about looking my age because I am confident that I have the best product to take care of my skin.

And now that Kris Aquino is the new endorser of Olay, I think more and more women will have a change of heart in terms of their beauty regimen. 

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