Thursday, December 8, 2011

Today's Question: How do I get smoother hair?

I have naturally straight Asian hair, so, my hair is in the least of my concerns when it comes to beauty regimen. However, if you have unruly hair (it happens to the most of us, don't worry), here are some tips for you to have smoother and more manageable hair.

1. Change your shampoo. If you have been using the same shampoo ever since you were a kid, you better change stat because your hair has different needs now. Change as often as you want until you find the right one.

2. In the country where I live, not washing your hair is not an option. Pollution affects the hair and if you leave dust and smoke on your hair, it will become dull and more prone to breakage. 

3. After showering, gently dry your hair using a towel. I don't air dry or blow dry my hair. I just let it dry the natural way.

4. Do not use fine toothed comb or brush on wet hair. Use a detangler instead. My grandmother told me when I was young to comb my hair at least 100 times before a go to sleep. It will stimulate the glands to produce keratin oil--a substance that makes hair stronger and smoother. 

5. Take vitamin E, either by food or by supplements. It is good for the skin and hair.

6. Cut an inch off you hair at least every two months to get rid of split ends and to allow growth of healthier inch of hair.

These six tips I have been proven to be effective on my hair. I hope it will, too, on yours.

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