Sunday, April 15, 2018

All of Beyonce's Coachella 2018 Performance Looks

Last night's Coachella was epic and it's all because of Beyonce who made all of our BeyHive dreams come true. She's the first black woman to headline the music festival. Olivier Rousteing revealed yesterday that Balmain created Beyonce's performance clothes and that the designs are inspired by the queen of Egypt, Greek letters and animals, particularly a black panther and of course, a bee.

Her performance began with an epic walk wearing an elaborate body suit with a cape and a headdress inspired by the crown of Nefertiti, the queen of Egypt. 

From an ancient queen, Beyonce transitioned to a modern superstar wearing a yellow hooded jacket with embellished Greek letters, ripped shorts and sparkly fringe boots. Fans speculated that the initials on her jacket meant Beta Delta Kappa is the sorority of the whole Beyonce fandom, some say those are her initials "B" and "K" with a Delta symbol in the middle to symbolize change, others say it simply meant she's "back" if you read the letters in English.

A Beyonce performance staple is a black body suit, leather jacket and thigh high boots. This look is very commanding.

Another eye catching design is Beyonce's crest which bears Nefertiti, a black panther, a bee and a black closed fist surrounded by an olive wreath. You can see on the top portion the eye of Horus and a falcon and at the bottom, you can see her name with 2018 written on it.

Everyone who attended the music festival and those who watched the live streaming  went home and slept fulfilled because she surprised us all when Solange and Jay-Z performed with her. She even had a mini reunion with the Destiny's Child!

As we all get excited to see Beyonce perform the second time at Coachella, it's also sad to think about that it's also the last day of the music festival. Despite the bittersweet thought, per usual, Queen B slayed the night starting from the minute she walked on the stage wearing a silver body suit with a cape and a headdress referenced to the Egyptian queen.

Her sparkly fringe boots also made a second appearance but this time with a fuchsia embellished hooded sweater.

Like Jay-Z, Solange, and Destiny's Child also performed alongside Beyonce wearing this sparkly body suit. This was her dress when we all got crazy seeing her maneuver the fan (literally), again. The guy who was supposed to do that was nowhere to be found. It wasn't the first time she had an encounter with a fan. A few years ago, her hair got caught in the blades but Beyonce still sang her heart out while staff tried to untangle her hair.

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