Monday, February 21, 2011

The many leopard print looks of Gwen Stefani

Photo from E! Online.
During L. A. M. B.'s presentation at the Lincoln Center in New York, Gwen Stefani wore a one shoulder leopard print overall with belt as accent. Clearly, no doubt about it, her favorite print in the planet is leopard print. She has tried this look before and she earned high praises from fashion critics. This look is definitely her own and as a tip, if the look works on you, stick to it and update it once in a while for variations.

Take a look at Gwen's many leopard print looks. Click after the jump.

Whether in shorts, pants or dresses... Gwen nails the leopard print look like no other. In fact, she even tried wearing it as a Halloween costume to match her son's tiger look.

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