Thursday, April 19, 2018

Makeup Trend: A mascara with Cannabis oil

Not everyone is blessed to have long lashes that's why we rely on mascara, false eyelashes, curlers and oils that promise to make lashes enviable. Everything that will make our dream eyelashes come true, we will try. So, when Milk Makeup announced today that their Kush Mascara with Cannabis oilwill make our lashes long, we immediately got excited.

We know that our ancestors used Cannabis for its medicinal properties but it is just recently that its oil (the reduced type) has been used in the cosmetics industry, particularly as skin creams and soap. The CBD-rich cannabis oil used in Kush Mascara retains its medicinal property minus the marijuana high. It fuses its heart-shaped fibers to the lashes without fallout--its like getting instant falsies--and it also provides conditioning benefit.

The Kush Mascara, one hit for high volume, will be available at Milk Makeup on April 20.

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